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Explore Zoho’s CRM Development capabilities and leverage its power to benefit your business process in terms of efficiency and productivity. Improve business efficiency and employ world-class technology investments with Zoho.Discover more about Zoho's CRM Development capabilities and how you can use them to improve the productivity and efficiency of your business operations. Use top-notch technological investments to increase corporate productivity.

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Growth Possibility

Build a range of smart services with Zoho tools that are tailored to fulfill your specific business needs to attract clientele and gain advantage over competitors. Create a variety of intelligent services using Zoho tools that are designed to meet your unique business requirements in order to draw customers and outperform competitors.

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Easy Investment

Zoho is an uncomplicated platform that requires minimum efforts to set up and leaves enough room for goal setting and investment planning. Zoho is an easy-to-use platform with minimal setup requirements that provides space for goal-setting and financial planning.

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Innovative Breakthroughs

Identify the best of solutions, business opportunities and processes with Zoho Development and implement a smooth, successful approach for business functions.Implement a seamless, effective strategy for business functions by using Zoho Development to find the best solutions, business possibilities, and processes.

Zoho CRM customization

Zoho helps in Communicating and engaging with your customers via Chat, Social Media Platforms, Phone, and Email. It helps you to be where your customers are. Through chat, social media platforms, phone calls, and emails, Zoho assists you in communicating with and interacting with your consumers. It helps you Staying where your clients are

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Integrating CRM

You can easily integrate your Zoho CRM account with other applications to develop a fully scalable and customized business solution.Your Zoho CRM account may be quickly integrated with other applications to create a completely scalable and unique business solution.

Business Intelligence

Zoho Analytics helps you create robust dashboards that capture all required data from touchpoints. Access and process reports with ease and integrate solutions. You may build powerful dashboards with the aid of Zoho Analytics that collect all necessary data from touchpoints. Access reports easily, process them, and integrate your solutions.

Zoho CRM integration services
Data Analysis

Get a better understanding of challenges and opportunities through robust data analysis. Rebuild your business processes with in-depth insights. Strong data analysis can help you better recognise opportunities and problems. Develop new business processes using in-depth knowledge.

Zoho crm implementation services
Tracking Opportunities

Zoho is one of the most cost-effective tools for small and mid-size businesses. We can help you track the opportunities by implementing the best CRM programs. The web-based CRM tool offers the key functionalities of leading customer management applications and helps in increasing the sales productivity by providing better service to customers. One of the most economical tools for small and midsize businesses is Zoho. By using the best CRM tools, we can assist you in tracking the opportunities. The web-based CRM tool offers the essential features of top customer management applications and helps in raising sales productivity by giving clients superior service.

Customized Zoho CRM services
Customer Relations

Zoho allows you to manage and maintain post-sales customer relations by streamlining everything that matters. It empowers you to streamline the customer support processes and achieve the seamless integration between pre-sales and post-sales activities in a single application.Thus, giving a jumpstart to your business. By organizing everything that counts, Zoho enables you to manage and maintain post-sales customer relationships. It gives you the ability to organize customer care procedures and create seamless pre- and post-sale activities integration in a single application.give your company a boost in the process.

Full Range Of Zoho CRM Services

Streamline all functions in a single system to sell in a smart way, automate tasks and get better visibility of your sales cycle with certified Zoho partner and experienced consultants at Radixweb. With certified Zoho partners along with experienced consultants at Gephels, you can streamline all operations into a single system to sell intelligently, automate processes, and gain more visibility into your sales cycle. We can assist you with things like:

Zoho CRM Consultation

We carefully analyze your existing systems, processes and CRM solutions and conduct gap analysis to suggest dynamic remedies. We thoroughly examine your current systems, procedures, and CRM solutions, perform gap analysis, and make dynamic recommendations.

Zoho CRM Implementation

Our Zoho CRM Certified Consultants help to enhance your business by implementing, customizing and training your team. Our certified Zoho CRM consultants implement, customize, and train your staff to improve your company.

Zoho CRM Training

Ensure smooth transition and functioning of employees on the CRM platform with our intuitive training services with Zoho consultants. With our user-friendly training services with Zoho consultants, you can ensure a seamless transition and effective operation of your staff on the CRM platform.

Zoho CRM customization

Zoho CRM Customization

We recognize your business needs and jump start with customized solutions to help you be where your customers are. In order to assist you reach your clients where they are, we recognise your company' needs and provide you with customized solutions.

Zoho CRM Data Migration

Digitize and migrate massive data seamlessly in your customized Zoho CRM platform without any risk of data loss. Without the risk of data loss, digitize and move vast amounts of data in your customized Zoho CRM platform.

Zoho CRM Data Integration

Seamlessly integrate Zoho CRM with other third-party applications and business process in an extremely robust ecosystem. Create an exceptionally robust ecosystem by seamlessly integrating Zoho CRM with other third-party applications and business processes.

Zoho Consulting Services We Offer

Integrate Zoho Products That Will Transform Far More Than Your Sales Processes

Benefits of Zoho Implementation in your Business

From providing comprehensive information to offering solutions to simplify your business processes, we can help you break your own sales records. Our Zoho consultants will help you with We can assist you in breaking your own sales records by delivering solutions to simplify your business processes as well as thorough information. Our consultants for Zoho will assist you with

Zoho CRM implementation partners

We build a digital strategy that accurately measures your mobile development spend and the cost to acquire and retain your mobile users. We create a digital strategy that precisely calculates your mobile development costs as well as the expense of acquiring and keeping mobile consumers.

Increased ROI

Zoho helps in automating a lot of your tedious processes, saving a lot of time, money, and efforts of your resources. With Zoho, many of your laborious tasks may be automated, saving you a significant amount of time, money, and effort.


Zoho has high security approaches to protect and support redundancy, privacy, and data breaches.In order to safeguard privacy, redundancy, and data breaches, Zoho uses high security techniques.


Zoho has high security approaches to protect and support redundancy, privacy, and data breaches. To safeguard and support redundancy, privacy, and data breaches, Zoho uses high security techniques.

Business Intelligence

Get highly refined data along with simplified reports to easily understand the performance of your workforce and business. Get streamlined reports and highly polished data to quickly analyze the performance of your team and company.


Identifying the challenges and pain-points to develop an innovative solution for a smooth and successful approach.Finding solutions for the problems and pain spots to ensure a successful and easy approach.

Why Choose Gephels as your Zoho Consultant?

Being a technology partner of Zoho, we can customize applications across a broad set of industries. We are the leading Zoho Consulting and Implementation company that creates custom apps for businesses.Being the technology partner of Zoho, we have the ability to customize applications for many different types of businesses. As the

leading Zoho Consulting and Implementation company

, we develop custom business apps.

Dedicated Delivery Team

Gephels Solutions provide you with a dedicated delivery and support team to manage your Zoho products and their implementation.Your Zoho products and their implementation are managed by a specialized delivery and support team from Gephels Solutions.

Customized Solutions

We enquire, research, and analyze your business performances and challenges to integrate the type of Zoho Product your organization needs.To incorporate the kind of Zoho Product your organization requires, we inquire , investigate, and analyze your business performance and difficulties.

Extensive Experience

We carry extensive experience in implementing custom Zoho products to various business niches, making us capable of integrating top-notch for your company.We have a lot of expertise integrating unique Zoho products into different business categories, which enables us to integrate the best for your organization.

Customer success stories

These case studies document the entire process of how we identified and addressed the pain points and offered effective solutions to help businesses grow.

Real Businesses, Problems and Solutions Every customer is special for us, and our experts leave no stone unturned to solve the problems they are facing in their day-to-day operations. Here are some awesome stories about customers who came to us with a problem in hand and leveraged our expertise to make life simpler


Gephels System Implements Health Care and Hospitality System CRM for Aior Property.

Expert Zoho Consultant

With hundreds of projects executed in Zoho across organizations of different sizes and industries all over the world, we can be the perfect choice for you. But don’t just take our word for it, read what our customers have to say on the Testimonials page. Our time-tested 5-step implementation process ensures you are able to optimally leverage Zoho applications and get massive success.

We can be the best option for you because Zoho has been used to complete hundreds of projects for businesses of all sizes and in a variety of sectors. Read what our clients have to say about us on the Testimonials page if you don't want to take our word for it. Our tried-and-true 5-step implementation method guarantees that you may use Zoho applications to their fullest potential and achieve great success.